Creativegarh – Creativity Retreats – A 5-day life transformation through creativity program to help you create a meaningful life for yourself.

For seekers, creators, professionals, beginners, dreamers, coaches,
on-the-fence passionpreneurs, mavericks and outliers.

Unblock and unstuck yourself. Find spirituality in creativity. Go through a deep transformation.
Unravel your life purpose. Overcome judgement and procrastination. Find your creative flow. Heal yourself.

Who should attend these retreats?

Even if one of the points below resonates with you, this retreat is what you should be attending.
If you fit in none of the blocks below but are still curious, connect with us. We’ll unblock you.

Everyday creators.

Those in creative careers who are seeking a deeper meaning to their lives, and a succinctly articulated creative purpose, the ikigai, a reason for being. Those who want to be inspired and want to replan and re-vibe their creative journey. Those who want to create deep, meaningful creative work.
Are you someone who enjoys creating everyday?

Blocked creators.

Anyone who is feeling burnt out, stuck, blocked and saturated, and looking at recovering as a creator by overcoming various creativity blocks such as procrastination, fear, judgement, limiting beliefs, resistance, doubts and uncertainties. Those who need help in regaining their creative confidence and unlocking their creative wellspring.
Are you going through a creative block?

Entrepreneurs, content creators, co-founders, and networkers.

Those looking for ways to come up with inventive and disruptive ideas for their startups and ventures through a creativity mindset and ideation techniques, and build a culture of creativity within their organisations. Or those looking to meet and network with creators across creative domains and experience levels.
Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner?

Those looking to accelerate career growth.

Anyone wanting to take a creative leap in their career through inspiration, inspiration, ideation techniques, storytelling, creative judgement, and collaborators. Those wanting to level up in their careers by putting everyday creativity and innovation into practice, and create disruptive ideas at will.
Do you want to accelerate your career?

On-the-fence creators, keen hobbyists and reluctant beginners.

Those looking at turning their passion into a side hustle or a full-time creative business. Those looking for ideas, guidance, projects, collaborators and mentors. Those with lifelong creative longings, have taken a sabbatical from creativity for decades and are ready for a version 2.0 of their lives.
Are you about to embark on a creative career?


Those seeking spirituality in creativity and creativity in spirituality. Those who want to unplug themselves from the humdrum of daily life and center themselves, go inward, seek answers and work through mental blocks through an intense creative recovery process and guided exploration of their inner creative. Those who want to live in their Creative Avatar and manifest creative living – a life fuelled by creative energy. A life more fulfilling, joyful, abundant, and amplified by igniting their creative spirit.
Are you seeking a creative boost in your life and career?


Those who think they don’t have a single creative bone in them and that creativity is only for the ‘creative types.’ Those who want to be able to build their creative confidence and start believing that they can create too. Those who want to be inspired by the stories of other creators and allow their creative potential to shine through. Learn to bring the joy of everyday creativity into your work and personal lives.
Are you an on-the-fence creator or a non-believer?

Mavericks, outliers and misfits.

Those who are non-conformists. Those who colour outside the lines and chart their own unique path. Those who’s creative passion is unique and a niche of its own. Those who find radical ways to re-interpret expectations and play by their own rules. You will find the rulebook to chart your own trajectory and make your journey one that leads to an incredibly fulfilled life.
Are you a maverick or a misfit?

you attend
this retreat?

Creativegarh Logo

Every Creativegarh Retreat is customised to
specific needs, professions, experiences,
soul projects and the creative purpose of the participants.
Because like life, even creativity has
no one-size-fits-all solution.

If you want to customise the retreat for you,
let us know your expectations
and we’ll work it out with you.

Write to
Better still, trust us and leave it to us.

Unravel your creative purpose.
Rediscover yourself.

You’ll be able to rediscover your inner child, your inner-creative and reignite your creative spirit. You’ll learn how to bring ‘play’ into your life and keep your inner child joyous and alive. You’ll be able to explore new ideas and new approaches to looking at the world. You can unplug and reconnect with yourself through an inner journey with creativity and live in your Creative Avatar – a life fuelled by creative energy. A life more fulfilling, joyful, abundant and amplified.

Regain creative confidence.
Unravel your creative purpose.

Through an intense creative recovery process, you will be able to generate and articulate your creative purpose and start or replan the journey on that path.

Accelerate your career growth.
Regain creative confidence.

You will be able to overcome various creativity blocks that are holding you back from creating fearlessly. We will tackle issues such as procrastination, fear, judgement, limiting beliefs, resistance, doubts, uncertainties and lack of ideas or creative confidence. You will find help in tapping into your unexplored creative potential and unlocking your creative wellspring. You will be able to reset, refresh, revive and re-vibe your creative process. You’ll also discover new methods, techniques and hacks and the secret sauce to become an unstoppable, passionate creator.

Rediscover yourself
Accelerate your career growth.

Through a unique creativity toolkit, you’ll be able to level up in your career and learn how to pitch ideas to clients, customers, investors, and the universe at large. You will build a creativity mindset and generate ideas on tap through a plethora of playful ideation techniques. You’ll also learn how to put everyday creativity and innovation into practice and create disruptive ideas at will.

Fast-track your passion project
Learn to start and grow a creative business.

You’ll be able to understand what it takes to start and run a side hustle or a long-term creative business. Find ideas, processes, guidance, projects, collaborators and mentors.

Learn to start and grow a creative business
Fast-track your soul project.

You’ll be able to find ideas, definitive next steps, collaborators and community, learn about brand stories and journey maps, brainstorm on business plans, revenue models and value propositions for your soul project. Learn to generate unique ideas collectively per soul project through ideation techniques.

at these

Creativegarh Retreats
  • Safe space for non-judgmental and fearless expression of your authentic self.
  • Self inquiry and introspective journaling.
  • Reflective, detective, and creative exercises.
  • Experience sharing and storytelling.
  • Brainstorming and cross pollination of ideas.
  • Inner journey and internalisation through visualisations.
  • Playdates through journaling, cookouts, games, music, treks, picnics or just being.
  • Late-night fireside conversations, walks, ideas and one-on-ones.
  • Lifelong friends and cheerleaders of your talents, gifts and purpose.
  • Love, kindness, compassion, generosity, gratitude and lots of humour.
  • Content and discussions customised to specific needs, professions,
    experiences, soul projects and purposes.
  • Introduction to the Creativegarh Community – everyone who’s been a part of this program.
  • 100% non-restrictive program. Phones, laptops, veg + non veg meals, smoking
    and evening tipple allowed.
  • Complete transformation and lots of joy.

A Life transformation through creativity program where you will travel
to a beautiful location. But will also travel within.

Creativity and spirituality are dance partners. No creative journey is complete without looking inwards.
Beautiful locales, beautiful beings, beautiful ideas. It’ll all come together.

What does not happen at these retreats?

We are not a spiritual retreat.

However, emotional, creative and spiritual breakthroughs are
an expected outcome of our process.

We are not a theoretical design thinking,
design sprint or innovation workshop
or even a creativity bootcamp.

We are not a quick-fix camp or a workshop with a
single problem-solving agenda or to learn a design process.
We are not a program created by process experts teaching
design thinking or corporate trainers teaching theoretical creativity
with case studies, Lego and playdough. The idea is for you to
go through a process of deep and lasting change, the outcome of which
is a fundamental creative transformation that stays with you for life.

We are not a creative residency.

We are not an art therapy retreat. We are not a
creative skill development workshop or a typical
writing, art, pottery, or photography residency.
But what you learn here will help you get better at all these.
We do not teach creativity.
But we inspire people to allow themselves to be creative.

We are not a creative course.

This program is not a creativity and innovation program
created by many a premier institute for students
and corporates, rehashed as a 5-day retreat.

We are not a vacation or getaway.

While our retreat is always at an uncommon location and we
do get enough time to explore the surroundings, we are not an
experiential travel retreat. Nonetheless, you will experience
the thrill of travelling inward every day.

What’s the day-wise journey like?

Unpacking – letting go of the old baggage you’ve been carrying

Creating space for a new journey of transformation
Demystifying creativity
Discovering oneself through an inner journey and clearing the past
Creative recovery
Introduction to creative purpose

Meeting your travel partners – the friends and foes of creativity

Soul searching with things that matter and things that don’t
Reflection and time travel
The journey of creative purpose
Creative recovery through inner journey
Unblocking and overcoming limiting beliefs
Soul projects introduction

Finalising the creative destination

Unravelling of creative purpose
Manifestation of creative purpose
Soul project discussions
Intensive creative recovery with deeper inner journey

Planning the creative life journey

Planning soul projects
Building a creativity mindset
Creativity techniques and idea generation – 111 ideas per soul project to be developed. Why 111? Why not?
Fine-tuning travel plans

Day 1 of new journey and rules of the road

Where it all comes together
Handling the roadblocks – fame, critics, failure, blockages, u-turns, judgement, skepticism and other creativity demons
Staying in the creative flow

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