For seekers, creators, professionals, beginners, dreamers, coaches,
on-the-fence passionpreneurs, mavericks and outliers.

Unblock and unstuck yourself. Find spirituality in creativity. Go through a deep transformation.
Unravel your life purpose. Overcome judgement and procrastination. Find your creative flow. Heal yourself.

Who should attend these retreats?

At Creativegarh, we do not look at creativity only as an artistic expression, a vocation, a hobby, a profession or as the birthright of a select few. We see creativity as the only way a
soul expresses itself to bring into existence something which has not existed before – be it a conversation, a better relationship, a sustainable way of life, a piece of art, a new
software, a new belief, a cure, a solution, anything. The purest form of creation however happens from the most authentic space of our being – from a space of freedom,
fearlessness, love and a spiritual signature unique for every one of us on this planet.

Over the five days of the retreat, we meet our authentic selves and we heal ourselves while reigniting a bright spark of hope and joy deep within us, far away from all the blocks,
conditioning, prejudices, judgements and beliefs. We learn to live more consciously and less compulsively and express ourselves fearlessly to create a better, joyful, fulfilling,
purposeful and meaningful life full of awe, wonder and miracles for ourselves and the worlds we touch.

If you resonate with even one of the following, this retreat is for you. And if you don’t find what describes you, still connect with us.
There are always enough reasons to walk on the path of self awareness and authentic expression.

Those who are feeling blocked.

Those who are feeling stuck, caged, blocked, saturated and stagnant in their personal or professional life or both. Those who want to stop living a small life, try new ideas and thinking, but don’t know where to start. Those who want to change their lives but are being held back by fear, procrastination, judgement, limiting beliefs, resistance, doubts and uncertainties. For those who want to move from a blank slate to a notebook full of fulfilment, from fear to courage, from procrastination to action, by turning what is blocking them into building blocks.


Those seeking spirituality in creativity and creativity and spirituality. Those who want to unplug themselves from the rat race, centre themselves, go inward, seek answers and work through mental blocks, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns through an intense healing process and guided exploration of their inner selves. Those who aren’t afraid of surrendering to fearless creation and live a spiritually enriched life that is more fulfilling, joyful, abundant, and amplified by tapping into their authentic selves. Those who want to walk the spiritual path through creativity.
Are you going through a creative block?

Those looking for purpose in life.

Those who are tired of doing the same thing again and again and are struggling to find joy in everyday life. Those who are feeling burnt-out from their mundane existence. Those looking to find meaning in their lives and find an answer to the existential question, ‘Why am I here’? Those who want to unravel the reason for their being, their ikigai, their purpose in life, their seva, their svadharma, their reason to jump out of bed every morning. A purpose that honours their passion, unique talents and gifts, is larger than them, and is in the service of the universe at large.
Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner?

Everyday creators.

Those who lead a life of rich creativity and want to imbue their creations with true awe and wonder. Those seeking a clearly articulated purpose in life and also those who are looking for ideas to add life to their purpose. Those who want to be inspired and revive and re-vibe their creative journey, and want to create deep, meaningful work that moves them as it moves the world.
Do you want to accelerate your career?

Entrepreneurs, co-founders and networkers.

Those looking to challenge the norm with inventive and disruptive ideas for their ventures through a transformational mindset that allows them to look at creative thinking as a way of life rather than a skill set or a deliverable. Those who want to build a culture of limitless possibilities and positivity within their organisations. And for those looking to meet and network with others across domains and experience levels as people on purpose can only be collaborators, never competitors.

On-the-fence creators, keen hobbyists and reluctant beginners.

Those whose ideas keep them up at night with stars in their eyes. Those looking at turning their passion into a side hustle or a full-time thriving business. Those who want to experiment with the idea of portfolio careers. Those looking for ideas, guidance, projects, collaborators and mentors. Those with lifelong passion pursuits that are finally ready to spring forth and take shape in the real world. Also who are ready for a second innings or a version 2.0 of their lives.
Are you seeking a creative boost in your life and career?

Those looking to accelerate career growth.

Those who are passionate about their work and want to take a leap in their career through breaking the blocks, inspiration, ideation, storytelling, creative judgement and collaboration. Those wanting to level up in their careers by putting everyday inventiveness and innovation into practice, and show up to create disruptive ideas at will.
Are you someone who enjoys creating everyday?


Those who believe they aren’t creative even in their everyday daydreams. Those who want to start believing that they can create too, starting with a better life for themselves. Those who wish to change lanes to one that values originality and unexpected connections between ideas. Those who want to view life as a journey where they can experience the extraordinary in the ordinary. Learn to bring the joy of everyday creativity into their work and personal lives. Those who want to step into their creative avatar and create an amplified life of curiosity, joy and abundance.
Do you want to accelerate your career?

Mavericks, outliers and misfits.

Those who are non-conformists. Those who colour outside the lines and chart their own unique path. Those whose passion is unique and a niche of its own. Those who find radical ways to re-interpret expectations and play by their own rules. You will find the un-rule book to chart your own trajectory and make your journey one that leads to an incredibly fulfilled life.
Are you a maverick or a misfit?

you attend
this retreat?

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Anyone and everyone who is willing to consider their own life as a work of art and create a fulfilling life for themselves and others, fearlessly and freely from their most authentic space will get the best from this retreat.

This beautiful program designed painstakingly with immense love heals you from limiting beliefs, unaddressed wounds and painful experiences, internal and external blocks, gives you powerful tools for self awareness, and allows you to step into your own power and create a life of your choice, not a life you’ve been given.

The retreat is built within a fluid, customisable 5-day framework. It is uniquely crafted for each passion, profession, personal goal, soul project and purpose of the cohort members.

Every retreat is different and brings its own energy and vibe. And every cohort leaves with a sense of intense bonding, and the power of the universe beaming through them.

Unravel your creative purpose.
Unravel your true purpose.

You will embark on an intense healing process that will lead you to answer the ‘why’ your soul is searching for. You will be able to articulate your purpose, find your true north, revive and re-vibe the journey on the path. The path of experiencing life aligned to your spirit and your calling, a life that is bigger than your resume and allows you to step into your light and power and pour your gifts and talents into the world for the higher good.

Regain creative confidence.
Rediscover yourself.

You will reacquaint yourself with your inner self and reignite your boundless spirit. You’ll learn how to bring a sense of ‘play’ into your life and keep your inner child fulfilled and thriving. You will take a deep dive into your own self to unravel stifling patterns and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. You will have the awareness and the answers to move from a compulsive life of reaction to a conscious life of response. You’ll instinctively say yes to new ideas and new ways of viewing the world around you. You’ll learn how to unplug, and reconnect with yourself on your inner journey of discovering your authenticity, your beingness. You will walk the spiritual path through creativity and connect with yourself and the universe in a beautiful, effortless way.

Accelerate your career growth.
Regain self-reliance and inner confidence.

You will be able to identify, and uproot the obstacles and blocks in your path that are holding you back from living fearlessly. You will learn to tackle issues such as procrastination, fear of failure, judgement, resistance, doubts, uncertainties and lack of ideas or confidence. You will find help in tapping into your unexplored potential and unlocking your creative wellspring. You will be able to reset, refresh, revive and re-vibe your process. You’ll also discover new methods, techniques and hacks and the secret sauce to become an unstoppable, unabashedly proud co-creator of your own life.

Rediscover yourself
Have a breakthrough in your career.

Build your wings and learn to fly on the way. You’ll be able to advance in your career and learn how to pitch ideas to clients, customers, investors, and the universe at large, thanks to a one-of-a-kind toolkit. Through a variety of playful ideation techniques, you will cultivate an abundance mindset and generate ideas on demand. You’ll also learn how to use everyday creativity and innovation to generate disruptive ideas on the fly.

Fast-track your passion project
Learn to be a ‘Passionpreneur’.

Enthusiasm moves mountains. You’ll be able to understand and outline what it takes to start and run a side hustle or a long-term business based on your passion one little step at a time. You’ll be able to explore ideas of living a life with a portfolio career. Find viable ideas, processes, guidance, projects, collaborators and mentors to establish your niche.

Learn to start and grow a creative business
Give wings to your life-long dream.

Put your best foot forward and take a leap of faith. The human soul has a natural desire to find purpose, and looking at the things that capture your heart can help you figure out your soul project. You’ll be able to dust off the dreams you have been harbouring for very long and put them back on track – now aligned to your purpose – ensuring that this time around, you won’t run out of motivational juice. You’ll be able to make use of your talents, find ideas, definitive next steps, collaborators and community, learn about brand stories, brainstorm on business plans, revenue models and value propositions for your soul project. Know where you should start, what’s the best way to get it moving and how to tell when you’re ready to strike out on your own.

at these

Creativegarh Retreats
  • Safe space for non-judgmental and fearless expression of your authentic self.
  • Self inquiry and deep introspective journaling.
  • Reflective, detective and creative exercises.
  • Experience sharing and storytelling.
  • Brainstorming and cross pollination of ideas.
  • Inner journey and internalisation through visualisation practices.
  • Playdates through treks, picnics, soulful experiences, cookouts, music nights or just being.
  • Late-night fireside conversations, walks, ideas, laughter and one-on-ones with the facilitators.
  • Lifelong friends and cheerleaders of your talents, gifts and purpose.
  • Love, kindness, compassion, generosity, gratitude and lots of humour.
  • Content and discussions customised to specific needs, professions,
    experiences, soul projects and purposes.
  • Introduction to the vibrant Creativegarh Community – everyone who’s been a part of this program.
  • Non-restrictive program. Phones, laptops, veg + non veg meals,
    and evening tipple allowed.
  • Complete transformation and lots of joy.

A Life transformation through creativity program where you will travel
to a beautiful location. But will also travel within.

Creativity and spirituality are dance partners. No creative journey is complete without looking inwards.
Beautiful locales, beautiful beings, beautiful ideas. It’ll all come together.

What does not happen at these retreats?

We are not a yoga, meditation, healing or a conventional spiritual retreat.

Creativity and spirituality are dance partners. In fact, creativity is spirituality and spirituality is creativity. And at the intersection of this divine dance, sits Creativegarh helping you find your feet as you explore your own being, while being connected to the oneness of the universe. While we may not be a spiritual retreat in the conventional sense of the word, emotional, creative, healing and spiritual breakthroughs are expected outcomes of our process.

We are not a travel company, vacation planners or a getaway.

While our retreat is always at an uncommon location and we do get enough time to explore the surroundings, we are not an experiential travel retreat. Nonetheless, you will experience the thrill of travelling inward every day.

We are not a theoretical design thinking, design sprint or innovation workshop or even a creativity bootcamp.

We are not a quick-fix camp or a workshop with a single problem-solving agenda or to learn a design process. We are not a program created by process experts teaching design thinking or corporate trainers teaching theoretical creativity with case studies, Lego and playdough. The idea is for you to go through a process of deep and lasting change, the outcome of which
is a fundamental life transformation that stays with you for life.

This program is not a creativity and innovation program created by a premier institute for students and corporates, rehashed as a 5-day retreat.

We are not a creative residency.

We are not an art therapy retreat. We are not a creative skill development workshop or a typical writing, art, pottery or photography residency. But what you learn here will help you get better at all these. We do not teach creativity but we inspire people to allow themselves to be creative with finding solutions in their lives for their personal and professional growth.

What’s the day-wise journey like?

Retelling our narratives

+ Creating space for a new journey.
+ Creating a safe space.
+ Understanding judgement.
+ The story of our lives and beginning of self healing and recovery.
+ Introduction to unreasonable living.
+ Sankalp, Sakshi, Saadhana, Swadhayay.

Rewriting our narratives

+ Reflection and time travel.
+ Listening to our narratives.
+ Re-meeting ourselves.
+ Overcoming procrastination.
+ Soul searching of what matters.
+ Svikaar, Smarpan, Shraddha.

Tapping into our beingness

+ Elevating self love.
+ Playing from love.
+ Mindfulness, forgiveness, gratefulness, you-ness.
+ Simran, Kshama, Shukr, Shriday.

Unravelling the reason for our being

+ Unravelling life purpose.
+ Internalisation of life purpose.
+ Tapping into joy.
+ Pouring yourself into your passions.
+ Sewa, Swardharma.

Day 1 of a purpose-driven life

+ Connecting all the dots.
+ Discovering how joy flows.
+ Handling the future roadblocks.
+ Staying in the creative flow.
+ Being ready for life.
+ Sabr, Shokhee, Sangha.

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