A life transformation through creativity program for those who have a burning desire to create.
Also for those who are feeling burnt out.

Covid Protocol

At the Retreat, we strictly adhere to all government mandated rules for preventing the spread of Covid 19 and we also expect you to follow the rules with due diligence, as we will too.

Please stay updated on the rules regarding the states you will be travelling to and from. There may be a requirement to present a vaccination and/or negative test. As the rules change with the severity of the situation, we will be unable to influence the decisions of the authorities, and will not be liable in such an event.

If you, or any member of your immediate family test positive less than one week before the start of the Retreat that you have signed up for, you can reschedule your edition anytime at no extra cost. We have kept this flexibility for your convenience. You can send us the Covid report at hello@creativegarh.com

In case an edition is postponed due to Covid or any natural disaster, we will ensure that your money is safe with us. We will automatically reschedule you to one of the future Retreats.

If you wish to transfer your place at the Retreat to someone else, write to us at the above mentioned email address and we will initiate the evaluation process with them. If they are accepted, your fees can be adjusted towards their attendance.

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