Fees – Creativegarh – Creativity Retreats

A life transformation through creativity program for those who have paid the price for not following their dreams.
Also for those who would like to invest in their dreams.



INR 67,100 +
government taxes SOLD OUT

INR 72,500 +
government taxes

Starting INR 69,800 +
government taxes

This is a non-refundable amount but can be adjusted to future retreats
if you are unable to attend the one that you’ve signed up for, for any reason.*

Where does your money go?

Into yourself.

Think of this retreat as an investment in yourself. As a way of showing faith
in yourself, showing up for yourself, because you know what you are capable
of becoming.

Of course, the fee includes a very comfortable 5-day stay on double sharing
and triple sharing (based on preference and/or availability.) Though in our
experience, by the end of Day 2, everyone is hanging out in one room itself.

We host the retreat at a location that’s far away from daily noise, so your fee
goes towards making that sense of calm appear.

Your fee gives you access to multiple intensive workshops, work materials
and the buzzing air of energy that will envelop you at the retreat.

Healthy, sumptuous meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bottomless make-you-own tea, coffee and non-alcoholic, soft beverages.

An extremely thoughtful welcome kit and workshop materials.

One-on-one mentorship sessions with the creators of the retreat.

Lifetime access to the Creativegarh Community – all those who have
attended Creativegarh Retreats in the past. This community just gets bigger
and better with every retreat and new members. Find more cheerleaders,
collaborators, coaches, mentors, investors and friends.


All travel expenses from your starting point
to the location including last-mile drop or pickup.

Medical expenses of any nature.

Personal expenses of any nature.

Laundry and toiletries.

Mobile or local internet bills.

Additional beverages or food.

*Your commitment to the Retreat is paramount in your creative journey. If for any reason, you cannot attend the chosen Retreat, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • This is a non-refundable amount, however, we understand that an unexpected change of plans is always a possibility, so if you are unable to attend your chosen Retreat, do let us know at least four weeks before the start of the Retreat so that we can accommodate you in a future Retreat.
  • If you fail to inform us at least four weeks before the start of the Retreat about about your inability to the attend, and also do not show up, you will be marked as a No Show and your entire fees will be forfeited. There will be no refund issued.

Please to write to us at hello@creativegarh.com at the earliest if you need to reschedule your Retreat.

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