Goa | March 2022 – Creativegarh – Creativity Retreats
When is it happening?

6th to 11th March 2022

Where is it happening?

In a quaint, old style Portuguese Bungalow in South Goa, far from the
madding crowds. This bungalow features a confluence of European styles
blended with Indian traditions housed in mango coloured walls under
terracotta tiles.

Bodered by Maharashtra and Karnataka, Goa lies between the mouths of Mandavi
and the Zuvari rivers. An erstwhile Portuguese territory, today Goa is melting
pot of cultures with its allure lying in the clean beaches and refreshing
sea breeze.

How to get there?

Goa lies 400 km south of Mumbai, which is a formidable but possibly enjoyable
12-hour long drive. If you come by bus, the Margao bus station lies about
20 minutes away from the bungalow. The Dabolim airport in Goa is the most
popular way to travel to the state, with both North and South Goa properties
reachable in about an hour’s drive. Cabs are easily available from the airport.
If you wish to arrive by train, Vasco Da Gama station is the nearest railway
station and is an hour away from the Retreat. If you are having trouble arranging
your last mile arrival at the Retreat, do get in touch with us at

So, when do I get there and when do I leave?

Getting to Goa is relatively easy with its plethora of connectivity options.
You should arrive by lunch on the 6th of March 2022. You can settle in at
the property, have a meal with your co-attendees and get to know the facilitators.

The kickoff session will be at 5pm on the 6th of March. The Retreat will
be conducted from 7th to 11th March and you should plan to leave for
your destination after lunch on the 11th.

How many participants will there be in all?

14 at the maximum, on a twin sharing basis. The idea is to create an
intimate group of people who are serious about their creative transformation
and can be cheerleaders for each other’s creative journey. We also ensure that
we have a diverse and varied lot across creative domains and experience levels
so that when the journeys intersect, there are enough experiences and stories
to take solace in.

What’s the accommodation like?

The property in Goa we have chosen for the March 2022 Retreat is a
Portuguese Bungalow located in the heart of solitude rich South Goa.
Featuring a pool, a lush orchard and private gardens, the bungalow offers
spacious rooms that you and a fellow attendee will share. At the Retreat,
there are seven rooms with double occupancy, which means there will be
14 attendees at the Retreat.

How much does it cost?

INR 63,500 + government taxes. For details on where your money goes
and what’s included and what’s not, please click here.

Creativegarh Retreats

What’s the day-wise journey like?

Unpacking – letting go of the old baggage you’ve been carrying

Creating space for a new journey of transformation
Demystifying creativity
Discovering oneself through an inner journey and clearing the past
Creative recovery
Introduction to creative purpose

Meeting your travel partners – the friends and foes of creativity

Soul searching with things that matter and things that don’t
Reflection and time travel
The journey of creative purpose
Creative recovery through inner journey
Unblocking and overcoming limiting beliefs
Passion projects introduction

Finalising the creative destination

Unravelling of creative purpose
Manifestation of creative purpose
Passion project discussions
Intensive creative recovery with deeper inner journey

Planning the creative life journey

Planning passion projects
Building a creativity mindset
Creativity techniques and idea generation – 111 ideas per passion project to be developed. Why 111? Why not?
Fine-tuning travel plans

Day 1 of new journey and rules of the road

Where it all comes together
Handling the roadblocks – fame, critics, failure, blockages, u-turns, judgement, skepticism and other creativity demons
Staying in the creative flow

are the

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A note from the property owners

Creativegarh has a zero-garbage tolerance policy. The Retreat will be held at a historically rich location amidst the quaint lanes of South Goa and we ensure that we leave the property as clean and green as we found it. Attendees are requested to keep track of their belongings and make sure that they do not discard anything anywhere apart from the bins.

We at Creativegarh do not support the use of drugs because we believe that creativity does not require the crutches of mind altering substances. The use of drugs is prohibited at the Retreat.

The owners and caretakers of the property have painstakingly created a comfortable stay rich with heritage. Please be respectful of their effort inside as well as outside the bungalow amidst the orchard and lush gardens.

The Retreat at Goa is located in a serene and quiet area. Loud music after 10.30 pm is not allowed. Make your experience at the Retreat stress free and play your music soft.

Water is a precious commodity, please be mindful of your use. Do not wash your clothes in the bathrooms. You may give your laundry to the staff who will arrange for it to be cleaned, this service will be charged extra.

No food will be served/eaten in the rooms.

Housekeeping/Cleaning and bedsheet change(s) should be notified to the front desk.

Soiling of sheets/carpets and damaging rooms will be charged extra.

Tissue papers, chips packets and other disposables are to be thrown in the dustbins provided. No littering is allowed.

All breakages/damages will be charged.

How do I request an invite?

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