Munnar | October 2022 – Creativegarh – Creativity Retreats
When is it happening?

9th to 15th October 2022

Where is it happening?

Amidst the rolling hillocks of Munnar, close to the main town area
yet far enough to be surrounded by a sea of virginal greenery. Situated
right in the middle of a cardamom plantation, this particular Retreat
features individual villas dotted around the property.

About 1,600 feet above sea level, Munnar is a hill station situated at
the confluence of three mountain streams, Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and
Kundala. Historically a summer resort for the British, today it features
sprawling tea gardens, quaint towns and of course, a plethora of spice
plantations under a clear blue sky.

How to get there?

Munnar is about 4 hours from Cochin. If you are planning to fly down,
Cochin features the closest airport and is about 110 kms away from Munnar.
You can hop on to the Alwa-Munnar Road once you land and make your way to our
Retreat. If you are planning to come by train, the closest stations are Alwa
and Angamali, both about 110 kms away from Munnar. If you are having trouble
arranging your last mile arrival at the Retreat, do get in touch with us at

So, when do I get there and when do I leave?

Driving in the hills leading to Munnar is incredibly scenic, but it will take you
a minimum of 4 hours from the airport or train station. We will kickoff the Retreat
at 5pm on the 9th of October, so please plan to get to the venue a few hours before
that. Explore the plantation, have a meal with your co-attendees, and get to know the
facilitators. Have a good night’s sleep, so we can start nice and early the next day.
The Retreat will be conducted from 10th to 14th October. You should plan to leave for
your destination on the morning of the 15th.

How many participants will there be in all?

20 at the maximum, on a twin sharing basis. The idea is to create an
intimate group of people who are serious about their creative transformation
and can be cheerleaders for each other’s creative journey. We also ensure that
we have a diverse and varied lot across creative domains and experience levels
so that when the journeys intersect, there are enough experiences and stories
to take solace in.

What’s the accommodation like?

The property in Munnar we have chosen for the October 2022 Retreat is a sprawling
spice plantation with beautiful green vistas and giant boulders dotting the landscape.
There are individual villas across the property that will comfortably fit you and a
fellow attendee. At the plantation, there are 10 villas with double occupancy, which
means there will be 20 attendees along with 2 facilitators at the Retreat.

How much does it cost?

INR 77,000 + government taxes. For details on where your money goes and what’s
included and what’s not, please click here.

Creativegarh Retreats

What’s the day-wise journey like?

Unpacking – letting go of the old baggage you’ve been carrying

Creating space for a new journey of transformation.
The law of the land.
Discovering oneself through an inner journey, and clearing the past.
The story of your life and beginning of self-creative healing and recovery.
Introduction to unreasonable living.

Meeting your travel partners – the friends and foes of creativity

Reflection and time travel.
Discovering how joy flows.
Knowing your story and re-meeting yourself.
Meeting the real friends and foes of your life.
Overcoming procrastination.
Soul searching of things that matter and things that don’t.

Finalising the big life destination

Intensive creative recovery with deeper inner journey.
Elevating self love.
The journey of life purpose.

Planning the creative life journey

Unravelling of life purpose.
Manifestation and internalisation of life purpose.
Passion project discussions.
Intensive self creative healing and recovery.
Pouring yourself into your passions.

Day 1 of new journey and rules of the road ahead

Where it all comes together.
Handling the roadblocks – fame, critics, failure, blockages, u-turns, judgement, skepticism and other creativity demons.
Staying in the creative flow.
Being ready for life from Day 6 and beyond.

How do I request an invite?

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