Issue #1
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  Think of creativity as alchemy,
not blacksmithy.
  What you want to create wants to be created, and it wants to be created through you.  
  You are the universe's co-creator, so creativity can never be a suffering, but it is cheeriness,
jollity being unbothered.
  It's not about toiling hard, but showing up and allowing.  
  Creativity is not about rigidity, but being endlessly shape shifting.
It is not about perfectionism, but creating with abandon.
  It's not about the big No's in your life, but many little Yes's.  
  It's not about creating something exciting, but knowing that everything is exciting.
It's not about the 'system being rigged.' It's about knowing that there is no system but
the universal laws of love, compassion, generosity, kindness, gratefulness and gratitude.
  It's not about letting the game of life kill your spirit, but allowing the Universe's
leela to lift yours.
  It's not about creating magic, but allowing miracles.  
  It's not about wanting to become, but just being.  
  It's not about reward, but wonder.  
  Where do unfulfilled dreams go?  
  Where do unfulfilled dreams, abandoned ideas, and forsaken ambitions go?  
  They live right under your nose, not invisible, but forgotten.  
  They stalk you like a shadow, so they don’t lose a moment in showing up when
you think of them.
  They hang around in your favourite places waiting to be noticed.  
  With you, they go down memory lanes waiting to be resurrected from the past.  
  They sleep with you in your bed hoping you’ll turn around and hold them again.  
  They send you subtle signs and little love notes through angels, messengers and the universe.  
  They wait. Patiently. Sometimes, even for lifetimes.
When you dream anew, they jostle through the unruly alleys and try to show up first.
  They make friends with inspiration so that they can come tagging along.  
  They feel the unrequited love but they don’t get too attached.  
  They become someone else’s, but it’s not on the rebound. They devote themselves to the new person but always hope that you would notice them now, miss them and call them back. Yet always leaving a part of themselves behind so you can have them too when you’re ready. After all, more than one person can have the same dream.  
  But the moment you think of them and show an intent to love them again, they’re back. No love lost. No hard feelings. Just pure, lustful surrender.  
  Bring those unfulfilled dreams back. They’re waiting to fill you up with love.  
  Our upcoming retreats  
14th to 20th August
Find the seed of transformation within, plant it in rejuvenated thoughts, watch your renewed soul take root and dance with joy as you witness life in full bloom. This and more at the only tea plantation surrounded by coffee plantations.
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18th to 24th September
5 days of pure joy spent rediscovering yourself, connecting with fellow participants and finding your meaning in life, all while the mountains around elevate your experience to incredibly greater heights.
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  New Delhi, June 2022
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  "Creativegarh has given me a new lease of life, helping me connect with my inner child and unravel my life's true purpose - all while discovering joy in the smallest things that life has to offer! No matter what background you come from, the well-thought out structure of the program helps everyone unlock their potential, at a spiritual and practical level. I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone looking to turn over a new leaf and look at life, work, and relationships - all through a new lens! Can't thank Arun and Mihika enough for infusing so much meaning in those power packed 5 days, that will last for the rest of our lives!"  
  Mitali Darbari Prakash  
  Creativegarh Retreat, Nainital, December 2021  
Creativegarh Retreat, Goa, March 2021
Creativegarh Retreat, Goa, March 2021
Creativegarh Retreat, Nainital, December 2021