Issue #2
  A weekly newsletter from Creativegarh to help you reignite your creative passion.  
  Before you think out of the box,
think out of the blocks.
  Before you create something that sets the world on fire, find what doused your fire in the first place.  
  Before you create an idea never seen before, say hello to your inner demons whom you've never met before.  
  Before you create magic, make space for miracles.  
  Before you create to find happiness, come face to face with your disappointments of the past.  
  Before you create guilt-free, overcome everything that you have been guilty of.  
  Before you create authentic art, ask what made you lose your true self.  
  Before you create for disbelief, face your limiting beliefs.  
  Before you create for pride, let go of the shame.  
  Before you create on the outside, recreate yourself on the inside.  
  Before you create out of the box, create out of the blocks.  
  Creativity is the Escape Key,
and also the Enter.
  Creativity allows you to escape from the mundaneness of everyday life and enter a world of new possibilities.  
  Escape from unnerving plot twists and enter the realm of miracles.  
  Escape from a life of mere survival and enter a life of marvel.  
  Escape from seeking reward and enter seeking wonder.  
  Escape from trying to become and enter a state of just being.  
  Escape from fear and enter love.  
  Escape from limiting beliefs and enter unlimited, unbelievable hope.  
  Escape from controlling and enter allowing.  
  Escape creating from the ego and enter creating from the soul.  
  Escape going with the flow. Enter being in the flow.  
  Our upcoming retreats  
14th to 20th August
Right in the middle of Karnataka's most well-kept secret, unravel the secrets of the universe through an intense creative transformation retreat. Sakleshpur is a tea plantation like none other and this verdant estate allows for the space to bloom and come out on one's own.
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18th to 24th September
Not that it's always the mountains that are calling. Sometimes, it's your calling in life that's calling you. Come to this spacious, quaint and homely villa dotted with dense, timbered woods and witness the magic of transformation. Live a life as big as the mountains themselves.
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Tirthan Valley
  What are they saying about us?  
  "Free, Cleansed, Rejuvenated, Renewed, and I could just go on and on and on. And when I say that this Retreat truly transforms you, I mean every single word of it. I never even knew Arun before this Retreat. And now? Now I will be one his biggest cheerleaders, as he goes about this journey of transforming peoples’ lives. Go on this cathartic retreat and find the things you never knew were holding you back. Go find some cheerleaders for your passion. Go find some lifelong friends. Go find the purpose you're meant for. I’m telling you. Just. Bloody. Go."  
  Vijay Kakwani  
  Creativegarh Retreat, Nainital, December 2021  
  Sudipta Dhruva
Creativegarh Retreat, Kasauli, April 2022
  Imran Khan
Creativegarh Retreat, Nainital, May 2022
Creativegarh Retreat, Nainital, December 2021