Issue #3
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  ‘Research’ is Resistance working under cover. So is ‘Practice’.  
  'I am researching my project. I'll start when I am done.'  
  'I am practicing a new style of writing / painting / thinking / singing / styling on my project. I'll start when I am done.'  
  And start you never will. Because resistance won't let you.  
  Research and practice are covert procrastination techniques. A belief way that convinces you that you are showing up for your dreams but in reality, you're just scared of beginning, showing up and having the proverbial sword of failure hanging above your head.  
  It is, in a very undercover way, the pursuit of perfection. And perfection we all know is the merciless killer of our dreams.  
  Perfectionism is about refusing to move ahead, refusing to experiment, refusing to put yourself out in the world and not allowing yourself to be vulnerable. It's the fear of failure, of judgement, of being ridiculed, of coming out in the open and accepting that you are still learning.  
  Research and practice are important. Sure. But not as a precursor but as learning on the job, failing while winning, and allowing mistakes to build your creative muscle.  
  Start right now.  
  Screw up.  
  If it takes 100 poems to write a good one, then so be it. Get down with your imperfections in tow and get those 99 out of the way.  
  99 bad poems will bring more joy and fulfilment to you and the world than one subjectively perfect one, well researched and well practiced. And there are still no guarantees that it will be loved by all.  
  Forgive yourself for looking for love in all the wrong places.  
  Forgive yourself for seeking encouragement from your parents. They never really approved of you as a non-conformist because of their own insecurities. To see their child as a ‘bawarchi’, a painter or ‘band baaja waala’ and not as a chef, artist or musician was because of their own internal battles.  
  Forgive yourself for looking for mentorship from your art teacher. She had her own reasons for having her blue-eyed students and you not being one of them.  
  Forgive yourself for seeking validation from your followers on social media. They were never invested in you.  
  Forgive yourself from expecting kindness and motivation from critics. They played only to economics and galleries.  
  Forgive yourself for not getting support from your own ilk. They themselves were blocked and could only do one thing with you - wallow in self-pity.  
  Forgive yourself for blindly allowing other senior creatives to live off your energy. They were devoted to the service of ego, not art.  
  Forgive yourself for not allowing yourself a life of creativity till now. And forgive others too.  
  Get up and start doing. Your creations are looking for your love.  
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14th to 20th August
Right in the middle of Karnataka's most well-kept secret, unravel the secrets of the universe through an intense creative transformation retreat. Sakleshpur is a tea plantation like none other and this verdant estate allows for the space to bloom and come out on one's own.
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18th to 24th September
Not that it's always the mountains that are calling. Sometimes, it's your calling in life that's calling you. Come to this spacious, quaint and homely villa dotted with dense, timbered woods and witness the magic of transformation. Live a life as big as the mountains themselves.
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Tirthan Valley
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"I walked into the retreat at Goa not knowing what to expect. A few minutes in that room full of such positive energy and I knew I was in the right place. Over the next five days, I was able to clearly articulate a future vision for myself from a place of optimism and confidence instead of fear. I now find myself much more grounded in my values and confident about pursuing my goals, knowing that Arun and Mihika have my back for the rest of my life. Thanks to you both for helping me find my purpose. You have helped me grow into a woman who is embracing what I really want in life. Thanks for making the world a better place!"
  Anupama Ramachandran  
  Creativegarh Retreat, Goa, March 2022  
  Arun Iyer
Creativegarh Retreat, Tirthan Valley, July 2022
  Smriti Raghunandan
Creativegarh Retreat, Kasauli, April 2022
  Pravin Sekhar
Creativegarh Retreat, Nainital, December 2021