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  Issue #4
  A weekly newsletter from Creativegarh to help you reignite your creative passion.  
  Ctrl+S Yourself.  
  No one is coming to save you. No one. No baes, no babes, no beaus. No spouses, no spices. No friends, no foes. No spiritual teachers, no gurus. Time is not saving you and tide surely will not.  
  No one is coming to save you. You have to save yourself. You have to love yourself enough to save yourself and live a bigger life.  
  You have to go into your catacombs. You have to take a deep inner journey with a torch and tissues into every nook and cranny of your being and find your limiting beliefs, plunder their birthing ground and put them on a trial. You have to sit with yourself and rat out your fears and then have a merciless firing squad beat the life out of each of them.  
  You have to fight your inner demons. You have to take the naysayers of your creative self-worth to the cleaners. You have to save yourself from your ego. You need a strong protection shield against resistance and procrastination.  
  You have to save yourself from those who have wronged you. You have to fight off anger, and forgive them from the core of your being.  
  Compassion, empathy, love, gratitude, gratefulness, forgiveness and mindfulness will give you life support. But in the end, it's you who has to save yourself. From yourself.  
  Resistance is a compulsive nagger, a relentless stalker, a serial bad-advice giver.  
  Resistance is not an early riser. But it is always up before you are. Cajoling you into hitting the snooze button, skipping the gym, and promising you a fresh start from tomorrow.  
  Even if you choose to ignore it and drag yourself for a workout, it'll talk you out of having a leg day and sweet-talk you into getting on an unused cross trainer for some light cardio. Just for today.  
  And when you choose to skip breakfast and have a day of intermittent fasting, resistance will seduce you with the amorous joy of homemade Aloo Parathas with white butter.  
  When you decide to devote your day to mindfulness and meditation, resistance shows up with the idea of meeting a long-lost friend over some spirits and elevating your soul.  
  When you choose to have just one drink, resistance nags you for being boring and you have two more.  
  You want to spend the evening with your octogenarian grandmother, resistance shoves the latest web series right into your face and you make a 180-degree turn.  
  You plan to call it an early day, resistance entices you with just one reel on Instagram and then it's one mindless scroll after another.  
  And the next thing you know, it's morning, you wake up and resistance is sitting on your bed with a smile on its face, cajoling you to hit the snooze button.  
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Sakleshpur SOLD OUT
14th to 20th August
Right in the middle of Karnataka's most well-kept secret, unravel the secrets of the universe through an intense creative transformation retreat. Sakleshpur is a tea plantation like none other and this verdant estate allows for the space to bloom and come out on one's own.
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  Sold Out
Kasauli 4 Seats Left
18th to 24th September
It's not always the mountains that are calling. Sometimes, it's your calling in life that's calling you. Come to this spacious and homely villa dotted with dense, timbered woods and witness the magic of transformation. Live a life as big as the mountains themselves.
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Munnar Registrations Open
9th to 15th October
Amidst lush green hills, scenic vistas and a cardamom plantation, lies a place that allows you to give wings to your dreams. Come to this majestic land and explore your life’s true purpose. Experience life transformation in 5 days packed with explorations and friendship.
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Tirthan Valley
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“Creativegarh Retreat - an unforgettable and uplifting experience. I had no clue what this retreat was all about, I truly thank my boss who pushed me to attend Creativegarh. What a beautiful journey it was to grow from within in just 5 days and discover the universal principles behind creating a life filled with joy. There were so many AHA moments which made me let go of things settled inside me for years. The retreat gave me the opportunity to explore myself, to find my real passion, and above all to find MY PURPOSE IN LIFE. I feel that positive energy in everything I do now. The perspective of living and leading my life has fully changed. All thanks to Arun, Mihika and Deanne for bringing in this transformation in me.” #TransformedSaloni
  Saloni Gulati  
  Goa, March 2022  
  Rahul Singh
Kasauli, October 2021
  Reema Bhattacharya
Nainital, December 2021
  Archana Thomas
Goa, March 2022
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