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  Issue #5
  A weekly newsletter from Creativegarh to help you reignite your creative passion.  
  The Universe will fire you.  
  If you think it's your job to live in the victim mode, sooner or later, the universe will fire you from this job, this position.  
  Your pink slip will cite, 'refused to see the nudges and whispers, hence has to be slapped and fired.'  
  You may learn your lesson and apply for another job. You will be hired without an interview but you have to show a strong intent to learn the lessons. Here your KRA will be to release your pain, anger, sadness and grief, and to become the most authentic version of yourself while expanding your being to realise its full potential. In the process, you will become a six-sigma expert in fearlessness.  
  The demands of the job should be told as well. No off days. You will have to show up every day. For yourself. You may not even get a salary but unlimited abundance comes as one of the perks.  
  On this job, chances are that you will fall in love. Not only with the task of knowing yourself but also with yourself. Your self-love will become the gossip story of every cell in your being and everyone will want to be invited to when you will take the vows of never loving yourself less.  
  Soon, you'll be promoted. To the role of the chief alchemist - the creator, believer and achiever of one's dreams, and as fringe benefits you will get to drive miracles and get the coveted membership into the higher echelons of the universe's inner circle where you co-create new realities with the source itself.  
  Or you may not learn the lesson, wallow in self-pity, and be engaged with your guilt, shame, anger and regrets till the universe gives you another pink slip.  
  The universe is burning with a purpose for you. Either it'll fire you or it'll fire you up. The choice is yours.  
  A flaw should not end the flow.  
  Nothing flows like a dream. For that matter, not even a dream flows like a dream.  
  When you are ready to get into a trance, a tranquil state of flow, the mistakes will come and go. Allow them into the process.  
  Everyone makes mistakes while working. Artists, writers, coders, teachers, accountants, photographers, everyone. Even those who call themselves perfectionists.  
  Creation is not about making an inadvertent mistake. It is about what you do after you've made it.  
  Do you mop and cry and call yourself names and abandon your work? Or do you acknowledge the mistake, shrug it off and keep creating?  
  Do you admit the mistake at the cost of having low self-esteem about yourself and your work, or just build the mistake into the flow and carry on?  
  Do you take the mistake as a sign of your mediocrity or do you see it as a learning?  
  Invite failures and mistakes into your creative process. They make you more resilient, help build creative muscle and open you to new paths - a secret doorway that you didn't even know existed, a new storyline, a new series, a new character, a new style, a new recipe, a new joke, a new pattern, a new discovery.  
  Sure, don't ignore those mistakes, but acknowledge them and move on.  
  Don't defend mistakes. No one cares beyond a point.  
  Don't slash your wrists. You have a lifetime more of creation left in you.  
  Let its flaw. Let it flow.  
  Our upcoming retreats  
Sakleshpur SOLD OUT
14th to 20th August
Right in the middle of Karnataka's most well-kept secret, unravel the secrets of the universe through an intense creative transformation retreat. Sakleshpur is a tea plantation like none other and this verdant estate allows for the space to bloom and come out on one's own.
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  Sold Out
Kasauli 4 Seats Left
18th to 24th September
It's not always the mountains that are calling. Sometimes, it's your calling in life that's calling you. Come to this spacious and homely villa dotted with dense, timbered woods and witness the magic of transformation. Live a life as big as the mountains themselves.
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Munnar Registrations Open
9th to 15th October
Amidst lush green hills, scenic vistas and a cardamom plantation, lies a place that allows you to give wings to your dreams. Come to this majestic land and explore your life’s true purpose. Experience life transformation in 5 days packed with explorations and friendship.
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Tirthan Valley
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  What are they saying about us?  
“At 52 years old, I attended Creativegarh Nainital Retreat with a bit of skepticism, unsure of what outcomes I will have.
Arun & Mihika have created a wonderful structured program out love and joy in their hearts to really help anyone live a full and joyful life. This became very clear after day 1.
Arun & Mihika have helped me unlock and unload a lifetime worth of baggage. A lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders, allowing me to think clearly and focus on what I want out of the rest of life.
This program has reignited my passions and shown a path to achieve what I had thought to be impossible for me. Moreover, I now have 15 new friends for life, who understand me and my passions.”
  Sanjay Nehra  
  Nainital, May 2022  
  Shweta Jindal
Goa, March 2022
  Preetha Anandhan
Tirthan Valley, July 2022
  Urvashi Vaid
Kasauli, April 2022
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