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I am amazed. The program touched every part of my life till date and guide me in the future. It's a perfectly designed program, completely fulfilling.

Bivash Chatterjee

A beautiful Retreat, excellent from depth to breadth. I feel deeply aligned with my purpose. Please don't stop living and creating with this vibrant energy.

Nidhi Gupta

This Retreat has been the turning point of my life. Loved the way the program was structured. Right from teaching about the core and breaking the barriers that eventually helped find the purpose followed by a passion project. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Arun, Mihika and Deanne.

Avinaash Bodwaani

I am good to go for for another two years. After that, one more Retreat with Creativegarh. I have my mind clutter-free, my thoughts crystallized and a timeline for my book. Arun, Mihika, Deanne, I am ready to pay more! The Retreat was deep enough to tickle my being, and tell me that I can tap it if I am open to the universe. The content worked for me as if it was custom-made. Thank you!

Prerna Raturi

A (perfect) 10 on depth and simplicity. Also loved the flexibility of the schedule and location for each day. The meditations, the sharing of stories, the smell of camphor and the tingling of the inner child when everyone had an 'ah ha' moment were the top moments.

Amrit Ahuja

I was waiting for this to happen. I had a feeling of sadness and some unfulfilled space but I have got my answer and feel completely healed. It's a 10/10 workshop that has been done in the most thoughtful manner. It was really practical and deep. I could get every bit of it. The content has the power to change lives of many.

Varsha Jain

I have found my awakening. Thank you. Incredible. My soul has woken up. It was the deepest soul-searching exercise I went through. I feel more evolved.

Rahul Singh

Heartiest thanks to Arun and Team Creativegarh for sharing their wisdom, techniques and methods with us. Creativegarh's process has changed my life. I realise, in the last few years I had been living with a wrong perspective, but Creativegarh has altered my panorama and rebuilt a new mindset and soul. It has changed my vision for myself in just five days. I am feeling more confident of doing what I have always wanted to do. It has given me a new purpose in life. Thanks, Arun for your mission to transform our lives... I already feel like an updated version of myself ... VishalGoyal Version 2.0 🙂 Keep going! Love you a lot!

Vishal Goyal

I enrolled for a retreat with no preconceived notion and my decision was absolutely spot on. The journey of those five days was life changing in various ways. Starting with knowing yourself better to knowing life better and of course "finding your purpose" or realizing your purpose when you always had it in front of you. The best thing happened at the retreat for me was the new perspective for life and people around me. It was an overwhelming experience and turning point. I would like to convey A Big Thanks to Arun, Mihika, Deanne and all my cheerleaders for making this experience an unforgettable one. I truly urge that everyone should go through this stupendous journey at least once in a lifetime.

Mukta Gupta

What do you do when a laptop gets old? You look at changing some parts or you look for replacing it with a brand new one. The same way, what must you do when you realize that your creative process needs a reboot, from within! You sign up for a Creativegarh Retreat. I attended their Nainital reboot session that helped fine-tune my creative purpose. Arun and team have put together a professional program to do just that. I strongly recommend Creativegarh for entrepreneurs and those looking to find/reinvent their purpose.

Pravin Shekar

Transformation or unleashing your creating self is an understatement for what this retreat does to you. It is a very well designed program that methodically and through various processes is able to help you discover your potential. It can go deep within and touch your soul in a way that nothing ever has. For me it got me out of a shell that I had built around myself for twenty plus years and brought the best version of me out from the depths of time. I highly recommend it to everyone not just for clarity and insight in their professional but personal life as well. A big thank you and Kudos to Arun and the team of Creativegarh for making this retreat a life changing experience.

Vaishali Mahajan

Coming out of lockdowns triggered by COVID-19 Creativegarh Retreat was the best thing to happen to me. It took a load off me. Got me a fresh perspective and approach towards my passion.. It helped me quash several limiting beliefs hindering my growth as a creative person (which I believed I am not!). Do yourself as favor and signup today!

Raman Adlakha

If you really take it seriously, the experience will be life-changing and I am not being dramatic at all! Immerse yourself into the sessions and the discussions at the retreat and you will understand what is stopping you from achieving your full potential and what will allow you to achieve JOY in life! Absolutely recommended for anyone and everyone who want to transform the way they approach life and living. Talk to me if you have any doubts or want to know better.

Ravi Sankar

It's easy to run away from self, and even harder to travel within. Creativegarh is an enlightenment towards this journey, that is not just limited to philosophy, rather holds your hand to create the dots until you see the project in your passion.

Reema Bhattacharya

Dear Arun, Mihika & Deanne, today you have released 14 souls back in the world who have found their purpose and joy and will spread it everywhere they go. We are now connected with an invisible language that is so powerful. Eternally grateful to be reborn.


Free, Cleansed, Rejuvenated, Renewed, and I could just go on and on and on. And when I say that this Retreat truly transforms you, I mean every single word of it. I never even knew Arun before this Retreat. And now? Now I will be one his biggest cheerleaders, as he goes about this journey of transforming peoples’ lives. Go on this cathartic retreat and find the things you never knew were holding you back, Go find some cheerleaders for your passion, Go find some life long friends, Go find the purpose you're meant for. I’m telling you. Just. Bloody. Go.

Vijay Kakwani

Creativegarh has given me a new lease of life, helping me connect with my inner child and unravel my life's true purpose - all while discovering joy in the smallest things that life has to offer! No matter what background you come from, the well-thought out structure of the program helps everyone unlock their potential, at a spiritual and practical level. I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone looking to turn over a new leaf and look at life, work, relationships all through a new lens! Can't thank Arun and Mihika enough for infusing so much meaning in those power packed 5 days, that will last for the rest of our lives!

Mitali Darbari Prakash

Creativegarh has been a life altering experience and a real blessing for me. Sheer positivity, enthusiasm and the dedication of the entire Creativegarh team for each one of us. The efforts put in by this team to make us realise what we're missing out on by relinquishing and procrastinating our inner beliefs, our calling and our happiness - and for what? Just stupid notions we build to suppress our inner child! It is an experience of a lifetime and the positivity I came back is still instilled in me and no one can take that away - that's the power of this retreat! It's not a workshop where you're enthusiastic for 5 days and then back to your mundane lives but it transforms us to transform the world around us and making a better and happier place for all. I only have immense gratitude and love for the entire team!

Himani Anand

A brand is built by a group of diverse and committed individuals that want to create an impact beyond transactions, who want to create a change that is larger than products and services. That is Arun Verma for you! As far as I can recall, and in every step of our evolution, Arun and his team have been our partners in experimentation, our challengers, our inspiration, and our mirror! All that experience is now condensed into a series of awesome retreats, that will challenge you, will transform you, and will surely ignite a different way of looking at your world. That is the impact that Arun has with his work! Have a look at what Creativegarh Retreats has to offer. Highly recommended for leaders looking at expanding horizons, getting inspired, and a dose of fearless innovation.

Ester Martinez

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