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I am good to go for for another two years. After that, one more Retreat with Creativegarh. I have my mind clutter-free, my thoughts crystallized and a timeline for my book. Arun, Mihika, Deanne, I am ready to pay more! The Retreat was deep enough to tickle my being, and tell me that I can tap it if I am open to the universe. The content worked for me as if it was custom-made. Thank you!

Prerna Raturi

Heartiest thanks to Arun and Team Creativegarh for sharing their wisdom, techniques and methods with us. Creativegarh's process has changed my life. I realise, in the last few years I had been living with a wrong perspective, but Creativegarh has altered my panorama and rebuilt a new mindset and soul. It has changed my vision for myself in just five days. I am feeling more confident of doing what I have always wanted to do. It has given me a new purpose in life. Thanks, Arun for your mission to transform our lives... I already feel like an updated version of myself ... VishalGoyal Version 2.0 🙂 Keep going! Love you a lot!

Vishal Goyal

Transformation or unleashing your creating self is an understatement for what this retreat does to you. It is a very well designed program that methodically and through various processes is able to help you discover your potential. It can go deep within and touch your soul in a way that nothing ever has. For me it got me out of a shell that I had built around myself for twenty plus years and brought the best version of me out from the depths of time. I highly recommend it to everyone not just for clarity and insight in their professional but personal life as well. A big thank you and Kudos to Arun and the team of Creativegarh for making this retreat a life changing experience.

Vaishali Mahajan

If you really take it seriously, the experience will be life-changing and I am not being dramatic at all! Immerse yourself into the sessions and the discussions at the retreat and you will understand what is stopping you from achieving your full potential and what will allow you to achieve JOY in life! Absolutely recommended for anyone and everyone who want to transform the way they approach life and living. Talk to me if you have any doubts or want to know better.

Ravi Sankar

Dear Arun, Mihika & Deanne, today you have released 14 souls back in the world who have found their purpose and joy and will spread it everywhere they go. We are now connected with an invisible language that is so powerful. Eternally grateful to be reborn.


Free, Cleansed, Rejuvenated, Renewed, and I could just go on and on and on. And when I say that this Retreat truly transforms you, I mean every single word of it. I never even knew Arun before this Retreat. And now? Now I will be one his biggest cheerleaders, as he goes about this journey of transforming peoples’ lives. Go on this cathartic retreat and find the things you never knew were holding you back, Go find some cheerleaders for your passion, Go find some life long friends, Go find the purpose you're meant for. I’m telling you. Just. Bloody. Go.

Vijay Kakwani

Creativegarh has given me a new lease of life, helping me connect with my inner child and unravel my life's true purpose - all while discovering joy in the smallest things that life has to offer! No matter what background you come from, the well-thought out structure of the program helps everyone unlock their potential, at a spiritual and practical level. I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone looking to turn over a new leaf and look at life, work, relationships all through a new lens! Can't thank Arun and Mihika enough for infusing so much meaning in those power packed 5 days, that will last for the rest of our lives!

Mitali Darbari Prakash

Creativegarh has been a life altering experience and a real blessing for me. Sheer positivity, enthusiasm and the dedication of the entire Creativegarh team for each one of us. The efforts put in by this team to make us realise what we're missing out on by relinquishing and procrastinating our inner beliefs, our calling and our happiness - and for what? Just stupid notions we build to suppress our inner child! It is an experience of a lifetime and the positivity I came back is still instilled in me and no one can take that away - that's the power of this retreat! It's not a workshop where you're enthusiastic for 5 days and then back to your mundane lives but it transforms us to transform the world around us and making a better and happier place for all. I only have immense gratitude and love for the entire team!

Himani Anand

I walked into the retreat at Goa not knowing what to expect. A few minutes in that room full of such positive energy and I knew I was at the right place. Over the next five days, I was able to clearly articulate a future vision for myself from a place of optimism and confidence instead of fear. I now, find myself much more grounded in my values and confident about pursuing my goals, knowing that Arun and Mihika have my back for the rest of my life.Thank you both for helping me find my purpose. You have helped me grow into a woman who is embracing what I really want in life. Thanks for making the world a better place!

Anupama Ramachandran

Creativegarh Retreat - An unforgettable and uplifting experience. I truly thank my boss who pushed me to attend the retreat. What a beautiful journey it was to grow from within in just 5 days and discover the universal principles behind creating a life filled with joy. There were so many A-HA moments which made me let go of things settled inside me for years. The Retreat gave me the opportunity to explore myself, to find my real passion, and above all to find MY PURPOSE IN LIFE. I feel that positive energy in everything I do now. The perspective of living and leading my life has fully changed. All thanks to Arun, Mihika and Deane for bringing in this transformation in me. #TransformedSaloni

Saloni Gulati

I come from the advertising community and Arun knows that 'I know it all' 😉 So I had signed up for the retreat out of curiosity. Just wanted to get away for a few days and come back refreshed. But the universe had other plans and it kept me on hold till when it was my time. So I land up at Kasauli, a little excited, a little sceptical. But wanting to explore. And then the bombs started falling and before I realised it, I was on a fast horse, racing to a horizon which promised to be life-changing and I had a huge adrenalin rush. The retreat was far-far more than I had ever expected or imagined. The fact that I have 12 new, absolutely awesome people in my life and I'm loving every moment of it is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm on a continuous journey of self realisation, self improvement and reorganising my life. And the fact that Arun and Mihika are constantly present with help, the little snippets of thoughts and guidance to keep us properly focused is the icing on the cake and I'm very grateful to both of them for everything. And I must take this opportunity to properly thank Nancy. She was the quite unassuming presence that had our back at the retreat. Her efforts to make our stay comfortable made our experience of the retreat so much better. I think she played an equally important role as Arun & Mihika in the success of the retreat. So thank you guys for everything, everything, everything!

Nusrat Abbasi

I write this testimonial to encourage those who are lost, those who struggle to look in the mirror, those who identify themselves by a job title, an industry or profession and last but not least those who have dedicated there lives to motherhood.I identified myself with all of the above, struggling to spend time on myself, many hobbies but all one hit wonders, never finished. Hours scrolling on my phone, lost, invisible. Confident for everyone, insecure for me.Creativegarh took me on a journey, (I am not sharing details as this is the magic) gave me 13 guardians, cheerleaders and a purpose.I’m not an artist, a singer, photographer, etc., and you don’t need to be. I am me and I have my sparkle back, thanks to this wonderful life experience.I have forgiven and asked for forgiveness. I have removed blame and made peace. I have packed up my baggage and sent it away.Mikha gave me peace, love and internal stability. Arun gave me purpose, self love and freedom. Nancy gave care, selflessness and calm. My cheerleaders gave me confidence, encouragement and trust.This retreat is for anyone, no limitations. I share this with deep gratitude and the opportunity to share the Joy I am now blessed with. It’s time to say YES to each day, each moment.To lifelong friends, a community where you will never feel alone.

Joanne Dixon

A friend of mine had recommended The Creativegarh Retreats to me. I had been amazed at her transformation and I was convinced at the outset that this 5-day retreat was going to be a gift to myself.Attending it in Kasauli recently has been the best decision of my life. It’s a toolkit for life — five days of understanding the power of writing; the power of thinking; the power of letting go; the power of knowing how to remain committed to your purpose in life… five days to removing all the mental blocks to finding the real you to valuing and respecting your hidden potential.I would urge everyone to experience the power of the Creativegarh Retreats programme. Gift yourself the gift of understanding and valuing your life by removing all the clutter that’s holding you back.

Abhilasha Ojha

A few months back, I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed in life. I was looking for a retreat of some sort - spiritual retreat, detox retreat…was open for any of these. But I’m just so glad that Creativegarh showed up and I responded.The last 5 days witnessed magic in the mountains! Everything that you shared with us came from a place of so much power and belief, yet balanced with much sensitivity and compassion. Constantly seeking to becoming my better version, it has been a truly enriching experience. I’m so glad to have cleared the clouds and find clarity of purpose!I’m excited to see what the road ahead will look like for all of us. Being a part of your cheerleading tribe is enormous.Thank you for everything and for being you.

Vaishali Gandhi

Creativegarh prepares you for the journey of life like no other.Be it your personal relationships or your professional dynamics, everything in this retreat works towards making you realize your full potential, which indeed a priceless treasure, like gold. All of us have gold hidden within, but we have to dig to get it out.Arun and Mihika help us do all the digging. Mind boggling to see how just 5 days can make you see lifetime worth of clarity. This goes without saying that this retreat is a must for everyone, for all human beings. As simple as that! It is easy to be different, but it’s very hard to be better. Creativegarh truly does that!

Shruti Singh

Let me paint you a picture - imagine 13 strangers in a room going through highest and the lowest of their emotions at the same time. And today, we’re the closest of friends. I for one, never imagined I’d make friends at this point in my life.Creativegarh has been a life-altering experience for me. I can finally see things clearly and for what they actually are. The retreat not just gives you clarity about your purpose but is actually an overhaul of how you really see the world around you. By the end of this, I was bouncing off the walls!In short, unleashing your true potential to bring to life your purpose while you find yourself a group of cheerleaders for life is what Creativegarh is all about. More than anything, it’s a divine intervention. And all this in 5 days!Mihika and Arun, you both are something else.Nothing but gratitude for everyone who’s worked towards making Creativegarh a reality.

Smriti Raghunandan

Creativegarh is not just any other retreat to learn about creative process. It is an experience of life. It takes you on this amazing journey of looking at your life in retrospect and then deciding to take charge of what’s coming next. The time spent here were the closest 5 days I had with myself since a long time. We tend to miss on lot of things when life happens. This is an experience that takes you back to yourself. You must be doing so many things in your life at so many stages but it’s never enough. This will help you find your enough and be at peace with it.I didn’t come with many expectations, and I surprised myself during this journey. I recommend this everyone to see a different side of your own self and even if you think you have in control, trust me you are in for a surprise.Arun and Mihika, thank you for allowing me to be on this journey and thank you for doing what you do. The world we live in needs this.

Urvashi Vaid Chibber

Having attended the Creativegarh retreat in Kasauli, I am back in Mumbai rejuvenated and ready to live my purpose. Arun is an amazing facilitator and his commitment and passion to bring transformation and purpose to every participants life was palpable and consciously done. Starting with the video interview to every exercise and sharing, it was designed and customised to each participants requirement while working in a group. And the content was beautiful ...focused yet flexible. And the energy and sense of belonging to the group that this workshop inspires is powerful. And it is Arun's energy which drives it, holding space for everyone and questioning our bullshit as well. Thank you so much for giving me a master lesson in facilitation as well as changing my life forever. I will live my purpose with confidence knowing that the universe and you will always have my back.!

Sudipta Dhruva

Creativegarh is the new synonym for mind-blowing. It's a very thoughtfully designed retreat to bring a transformational change in anyone who is feeling lost in life or feeling blocked in any manner.Its hard to define it in words, but at the end of it you will come out all fresh and rejuvenated as if you have a new life. Arun will make sure you realise what a power-box you are.I am thankful to Arun and Mihika for injecting a new zest in my life. They spend a lot of time meticulously planning the retreat and share their tried-and-tested techniques about life transformation.If you have been thinking but unable to decide, I think you should take the plunge. I am so glad Creativegarh happened to me and you too will be.

Yogesh Bhagchandani

Creativegarh Retreats - a five day intense, yet fun-filled program that has helped me work on my limiting beliefs and growth blocks.All the tasks & the rituals are so divinely crafted that through self-awareness, I am on the journey of authentic spiritual living with absolute materialistic success. This retreat has helped me to open up & communicate to my own self thereby each morning I discover a new ME...Here not only the purpose of my life was unravelled but also programmed me for unlimited abundance..Thank you Arun & Mihika for putting in your soul to help us live an unreasonably big life.

Arti Machama

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