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I enrolled for a retreat with no preconceived notion and my decision was absolutely spot on. The journey of those five days was life changing in various ways. Starting with knowing yourself better to knowing life better and of course "finding your purpose" or realizing your purpose when you always had it in front of you. The best thing happened at the retreat for me was the new perspective for life and people around me. It was an overwhelming experience and turning point. I would like to convey A Big Thanks to Arun, Mihika, Deanne and all my cheerleaders for making this experience an unforgettable one. I truly urge that everyone should go through this stupendous journey at least once in a lifetime.

Mukta Gupta

Thank you for so much for giving me this opportunity. Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that. I was literally questioning my existence and what does my life hold for me beyond work and home. I was experiencing this deep void and that's when the retreat happened. During each day of the retreat I discovered beautiful revelations about myself and my life. Thank you for mentoring me and helping me find my purpose. I feel so much at peace now. And I just wanted to share this, I met a friend of mine just now and he said he has never seen me so happy and that he felt so much of positive energy radiating out of me, that he has gone back feeling good.

Archana Thomas

I signed up for the retreat with very little expectations, the idea was to have fun, meet people and come back. I was already in the space of healing and transformation but, what happened during the course was honestly a miracle. Arun could hold the space for all of us, to get transformed, and that also in a beautiful structured way. I am not what I was - post this retreat I am what I always wished to be, full of love and forgiveness, moving towards my purposeful life, with lightness, faith and ease. I plan to gift it to my daughter soon...

Jyoti Pande

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